Wireless Solutions For Today

Wireless Design Services

Wireless technologies continue to push the boundaries of connectivity and information sharing for both humans and machines. Etherios has a proven track record of designing and building thousands of M2M solutions for startups to Fortune 100 companies.

With a state-of-the-art RF lab, a core design library of proven hardware, firmware and software building blocks, and a guarantee that our projects will pass certifications the first time, we have the tools to complete your M2M projects on time and on budget.

Wireless Design

Knowing where to start with wireless design can be difficult.
Our team of experts will help you reduce risk and time to

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Antenna Design

You're only as good as your antenna! Etherios will help you make the important decision of whether to use an off-the-shelf antenna or go with a custom design.

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Certification Assistance

Whether we are designing your product or helping with certification issues with an existing design, we have the skills and tools to ensure your product passes formal certification

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Design Analysis

Focusing on both regulatory and performance issues, Etherios can perform a comprehensive design analysis and lab testing focused on mitigation of EMI/EMC issues.

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Feasibility Studies

We can help you determine whether the idea on the back of the napkin can be translated into a technically and commercially feasible product.

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Industrial/Product Design

Etherios approaches each industrial design opportunity not by just asking the questions to get an answer to a problem, but by looking at the problem itself.

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Software Development

Our software designers are experienced in developing embedded firmware and software for a variety of microprocessors to micro-controllers and a vast array
of applications.

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