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Device Cloud

Easily Manage & Control Your Devices in the Cloud

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Integrate devices and data
with your applications

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Features include:
  • Integrate devices via open APIs
  • Expand device network on highly-elastic infrastructure
  • Robust security protocols
  • Receive and store device data
  • Receive and view device alerts
  • Monitor device connection status
  • View and group devices


Control your network
of devices

$4.00 /device/month 30 Day Free Trial

All Platform features, plus:
  • Control and configure devices remotely
  • On-demand firmware upgrades and device reboots
  • Manage device file systems
  • Analyze device data with data visualization tools
  • Enhanced management UI
  • Create rules for device and data alerts


Build and deliver
your M2M solution

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All Standard features, plus:
  • 2x data storage capacity
  • 2x data transmission allowance
  • Manipulate connected devices en masse
  • Schedule and automate complex device management activities
  • Programmatically control devices via robust API
  • Manage device cellular subscriptions
  • Create rules for advanced device and data alerts


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