The Anatomy of a Social Machine

Social business has led companies to integrate channels like Facebook and Twitter directly into the business conversation. Companies have used these non-traditional channels to improve both employee collaboration and their ability to connect more closely with their customers. Organizations that have been successful have truly embraced this concept and have integrated these channels into their business processes to provide a seamless experience to their customers.

Well, why can’t we do the same with machines? What if your machines could speak to you from anywhere in the world?  Better yet, what if they could automatically drive actions like scheduling service appointments? Connected machines can even resolve certain issues without any human intervention. Your machines have a lot to say, but to-date they have not been brought into the business conversation. Social business has resulted in organizations working more effectively, so why not socialize the part that can have the most return: machines.

The Social Machine removes the final barrier in M2M communications, as it is the industry’s first cloud-based solution that connects products into an organization’s business processes into the Salesforce Platform. This is why The Social Machine offers a fresh perspective on M2M communication. By connecting products into the business enterprise companies are now able to listen to what their products are saying. So, “hearing” your products tell you what your customers want and need is no longer a possibility—it’s a very real and present opportunity.

Become A Customer Company

Social machines can have a domino effect on every layer of your organization —from making your operations more efficient, to predicting what customers need, to driving collaboration across your organization.

This is the anatomy of The Social Machine.

Use Product Insights to Drive Sales and Service
The Social Machine connects products into the enterprise so they can automatically inform a support organization before repairs or upgrades are needed. Combined with data analytics, customer service can move from a reactive model to preventing failures before they occur. Additionally, product data can be shared across an entire organization. Research and development can use product data to drive improvements in next-generation products. Heavy product use can result in a notification to the sales team, creating up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Transform Your Customer Relationships
Companies that transform themselves from passive to preventative organizations will find that they are able to develop closer relationships with their customers. They will be in a position to achieve this through the investment they make in connecting their products into their organization. They will have visibility into issues prior to their customers, enabling them to resolve issues faster which will result in an increase in machine up-time.  Overall customer satisfaction will improve as these organizations become more than just a vendor, but rather a strategic business partner.  Providing this seamless service creates trust and customer loyalty.

Re-Invent Customer Service

The Bottom line
The Social Machine, developed by Etherios, enables organizations that listen to their connected products to create new levels of internal collaboration, breaking down silos, getting closer to their customers and unlocking new sources of productivity. And, the whole system works on clicks, not code. The Social Machine is available on the Salesforce AppExchange to seamlessly integrate into your Salesforce platform. No longer are companies faced with the daunting task of building expensive, proprietary solutions that are difficult to maintain.

How It Works:
In his Disruption 101 Keynote for Philly Phorum 2013, Peter Coffee, VP of Platform Research at, points our that disrupting our notion of normal means using modern applications, driven by user feedback for continuing improvement—with “clicks, not code” customization. Turning raw machine data into actionable intelligence is actually a complex process. If you were to do this alone you would be faced with the complexities of the development and ongoing maintenance related to security, reliability and upgrades. The Social Machine streamlines this entire process and overcomes these challenges with its pre-built components that make connecting products into the enterprise a reality.  With clicks, not code, your machines will be communicating with your entire organization.

The Social Machine includes three pieces: Machine Connect, Machine Process Builder and Machine View. Machine Connect allows organizations to connect their products into The Social Machine with a combination of hardware and software components. Machine Process Builder enables customers to configure and establish business process workflows to be executed as certain conditions, such as alarms or thresholds, are met. Machine View offers constant monitoring and visibility into the health and status of products in the field.

By connecting everything—customers, employees, partners and now products—companies have the opportunity to revolutionize sales, service and innovation cycles. Businesses that use connection to offer proactive aid will win. Social machines allow businesses to understand customers in a new way and unlock greater levels of growth, innovation and success.

You can learn more about The Social Machine and watch a video on the Salesforce AppExchange. Or, sign up for updates below. If you’d like to chat with our team and join the conversation about social machines, you can find us on Twitter, Facebook and The Social Machine LinkedIn group.

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