Efficiency Gains with the Industrial Internet Save Billions

Industrial Internet, M2M, Internet of Things– whatever you choose to call the movement of connecting products to the Internet, it’s becoming more apparent than ever that these solutions provide a great ROI. A 1% increase in operational efficiencies saves billions of dollars.

“Developed by GE, this infographic proves how, ‘decision-makers in key business sectors who adopt just some of the developing technologies offered by the Industrial Internet can increase their operational efficiencies by 1%. Early adoption will empower the world’s oil and gas, power, health care, aviation and rail industries to achieve estimated efficiencies exceeding $250-billion over 15 years.'”

Power of the Industrial InternetYou can see other Industrial Internet visuals on GE’s Industrial Internet here. Efficiencies from the Industrial Internet come in various shapes and sizes, we believe that it has the power to drive the greatest return in reinventing customer service to transform it from a cost center to a profit center. Where do you see the biggest opportunity for the Industrial Internet? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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